Hi! My name is Jose Cambronero. I'm a first year Computer Science PhD student at MIT, advised by Martin Rinard.


Before coming here, I completed my MS in Computer Science at NYU, where I worked with Dennis Shasha on implementing AQuery, an optimizing compiler for order-related database queries. In a previous professional life, I worked for Morgan Stanley as part of the housing and mortgage research group. I graduated with a BA in Economics from University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

My main research interests currently include programming languages, compiler construction, databases, and data science. In particular, I'm interested in exploring how we can leverage the former two to advance the way we perform computation in the latter two.

At some point I plan on migrating my wordpress blog over to this site. But for now, feel free to check it out here. It touches on various programming concepts etc that I find interesting and want to practice explaining.

Where in the world is Jose?

Back at MIT for the 2017 Spring semester. I'll also be staying here for research over the summer. If you're in the area, come say hi.

I'm always open to interesting opportunities and exploring new fields, so if you think you have something where my skills might line up, definitely feel free to drop me a line.